Unfortunately there are many persons who are willing to try and target our seniors. Our seniors are targeted for many reasons: age vulnerability, loneliness, health related issues such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Fraudulent telemarketers can contact seniors and attempt to build a rapport with them over a series of phone calls. Once this can be accomplished they will convince the senior to send cash to them through a standard scam.

Fraudsters will pose as a variety of different persons including repair renovation contractors and workers. With home renovations people should be conscientious of company uniforms, ensure they have correct I.D., ensure actual construction is required, beware of rush deals, beware of cash deals, get a second opinion and speak to family members prior to an exchange of money.

Fraudsters may additionally contact our seniors and pose as a grandchild requesting emergency cash. They will state that they are in an emergency situation and don’t want to inform their oldsters. They will say such things as they need cash and are in another country, they need money for bail or they were in a car accident.


  • Seniors should be watchful to these scams and ask the mandatory questions of prospective contractors,
  • Adult kids and caregivers of seniors should remember of those and the other scams and discuss them with their parents or patient,
  • If there's a suspicion that a senior has been financially compromised then agency checks ought to be completed to determine the extent.

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